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The nationals series comes to nelson with the 4th round and arrives at the infamous kaka hill. Known for its devastatingly fast technical sections and the 30 foot + huck at the bottom, Kaka took a few limbs by the end of race day Including Wyn Masters who had a compound fracture and Madeline Taylor who badly injured both her wrists on the last jump. Heal up fast! Racing went ahead and sunny nelson lived up to is reputation and kept the skies clear and the sun beaming. The song is ‘Bang Bang Bang’ by Mark Ronson. Filmed/Edited by Tom Cuthbert. Enjoy!

First shoot with my new dolly I finished. Filmed some mates hitting up the local spot. More filming planned so the dolly should make for some more awesome footage. Adds another aspect to my filming which I think has been long needed. Song is ‘Blitzkrieg pop’ by The Ramones. Filmed/Edited by me Tom Cuthbert. Enjoy!

Round 2 went down in Napier over the weekend at the Eskdale MTB Park. Lack of rain and the abundance of sunshine meant the track was coated in at least and inch or two of dust on average accross the whole track. It made just riding the track sketchy, and trying to ride it fast even sketchier. Song is ‘Pogo’ by Digitalism. Filmed/Edited by me Tom Cuthbert. Keep an eye out for round 3 in Rotorua this weekend. Enjoy! :D

The first round of the National Downhill Cup is kicked off at the Cycle OBsession Mountain Bike park in Tauranga. Being one of the shorter tracks of the cup didn’t make the racing any less lively and there were still a fair few crashes. Results inside are for the Pro Men category only. Song is ‘All Along The Watchtower’ by Jimi Hendrix. Filmed/Edited by me Tom Cuthbert.

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